Princeton University Project

Princeton University

Little Hall

The project included selective demolition throughout Little Hall. Little Hall is a historic dormitory building on the Princeton University campus.

Major structural demolition was performed on load-bearing walls. Because they were load-bearing walls, specific engineering and design were vital to keep the structural components and support intact during construction.

Additional work performed:

  • Installation of over 140 structural lintels, some in excess of twenty feet long.
  • Extensive demolition and saw cutting to create new entryways in the bluestone foundation. These walls were, on average, 42″ thick.
  • Structural design and installation of structural supports to the existing 8’x6’x20′ high chimney. This chimney was to remain above the roofline to keep its aesthetic look and historical feature. Masonry columns were constructed starting in the basement, up through three floors to the underside of the chimney at the roof. Heavy gauge wire was used for secure exterior stabilization along with core drilling and dry packing of twelve structural members to facilitate and support the stabilization of the chimney.