ACM Corp.
Rapid Response

  • Client Confirms COVID-19 Case Positive
    An employee falls ill and tests positive for COVID-19. Area is contaminated and shut down. This is the critical time for ACM Corp. to be contacted.
  • ACM Mobilization
    ACM mobilizes immediately upon clients direction from one or both of our multiple strategic location in the NYC Metro and NJ area.
Decontamination Rapid Response
Decontamination Rapid Response


  • Professionally licensed industry experts
  • State-of-the-art equipment and process
  • Strategic multi-location hubs
  • Unparalled response timing
  • Premier partner sourcing
  • Hands-on management approach

detailed Sanitization

  • Contamination Isolation
    The containment zone is identified, sealed, and isolated with poly barriers. Negative airflow is established inside the containment zone filtered with HEPSA filtration devices.
  • Pre Cleaning
    An accurately detailed pre-cleaning of affected surfaces performed before sanitization to ensure all organics are removed. This is a CRUCIAL step in ensuring effective decontamination!
  • Sanitization
    A multi-stage sanitization process is utilized to ensure the entirety fo the contaminated area surfaces are adequately disinfected. Foam, fob, spray, and a detailed cleansing procedure are followed strictly by CDC and manufacturers recommended and best practices.
  • Sterilization
    Once sanitized containment areas are treated with Hydroxyl generators for up to 24 hours to help ensure any remnant contamination is ELIMINATED.
  • Clients are BACK IN BUSINESS!
    We understand that getting back to business is of utmost importance. It is our ABSOLUTE priority to ensure our clients are restored operationally as QUICKLY as possible.
Rapid Response Decontamination

Why ACM?

  • Quality work at competitive pricing
  • trust and integrity is in our DNA
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Multi-faceted environmental skill set
  • In-house licensed Electrical company
  • Multi-location market exposure
  • (908) 687-1008
  • 2150 Stanley Terrace
    Union, NJ 07083

Why Choose ACM Corp.

ACM Corp. is a licensed, certified and insured professional company consulting and contracting company. We have built a reputation as one of the finest and most highly regarded contractors in the Northeast region of the United States. ACM Corp. has been working with select owners and clients and places an emphasis on customer satisfaction and safety, from project inception to competion.