Client List of a Few Projects Completed

Universities and Colleges

Yale University
Linsley Chittenden Building

ACM Corp. performed a selective demolition and asbestos removal project at this historic building on the main campus of Yale University. This undertaking involved the selective demolition of asbestos containing plaster walls, ceilings, pipe insulation and flooring throughout a 5 story, 25,000sqft work area. ACM Corp. removed over 500 tons of asbestos containing plaster from this site. Exceptional care was required on this project to protect original Tiffany stained glass windows which had an estimated value of eight million dollars and to salvage a majority of the historic trim, moldings, wainscoating, doors and frames.

ACM Corp’s. contract also included cutting many penetrations in floor slabs and through footings and walls into the adjacent building. This entire project was performed in a nine week duration with two shifts per day.

  • Chapel Street Drama and Arts
  • Divinity School
  • School of Medicine
  • Osborn Labs
  • Peabody Museum
  • Yale New Haven Hospital

Daniel O’Connell’s Sons, Inc
Davenport College (Yale University, New Haven, CT)

This project consisted of the complete interior demolition and asbestos removal from the dormatory rooms, common areas, basement storage areas, mechanical equipment rooms, squash courts and music rooms in this 250,000 sq. ft. five story dormatory at Yale University in New Haven, CT.

The schedule for the entire demolition and asbestos removal for this project was only four months. ACM Consulting Corp. completed this project utilizing up to 52 workers per shift, six 12 hour shifts per week, and met or surpassed all scheduled completion dates. Because of our team effort with Daniel O’Connell’s Sons, Inc., this entire project was completed ahead of schedule and within budget.

Princeton University
Little Hall

Little Hall is a historic dormitory building on the campus of Princeton University. ACM Corp. was contracted to perform very selective demolition throughout this entire facility. This project included major structural demolition of load bearing walls which required engineering and design of structural components to support and shore them during construction.This work included the installation of over 140 structural lintels (some of these in excess of twenty feet long).

ACM Corp. performed extensive saw cutting and demolition to create new entryways in the bluestone foundation walls which were in average 42” thick.

ACM Corp. was also responsible for the structural design and installation for the structural supports of the existing chimney (8’X6’X20’ high) which was to remain above the roof line for it’s historic and aesthetic features. These supports consisted of two masonry columns which extended from the basement up three floors to the underside of this chimney at the roof. This portion of the work required exterior stabilization via the use of heavy guage wire secured to “dead men”. This also required core drilling and “dry packing” twelve structural members to support and facilitate the stabilization of this chimney.

Weslyan University; Middletown, Connecticut

Project involved asbestos and pigeon feces removal from entire interior of Memorial Chapel Attic. ACM Consulting Corporation was required to install staging platforms throughout attic to access materials. An exterior decontamination unit was installed as the fourth floor staging platform, due to limited access from the interior of the building.

New Milford Intermediate High School; New Milford, Connecticut

ACM Consulting Corp. was contracted through O & G Industries (Construction Managers) to perform complete asbestos removal and interior/exterior demolition at the above reference site. This project wasphased over two summers (1999-2000). ACM Consulting Corporation removed all asbestos containing materials from the entire school (over 150,000sf of work areas). A substantial portion of the interior construction was demolished including 40% of the roofing system throughout the school. ACM Consulting Corporation also performed the wrecking of a portion of the school.

University of Connecticut
Starr Hall

Lafayette College
South College

Monmouth University
Police Headquarters
Elmwood Hall

Stevens Institute of Technology
Davidsons Laboratories


Overlook Hospital; Summit, New Jersey

ACM Corp. has performed numerous interior demolition and asbestos removal projects in occupied areas throughout the hospital.

ACM Corp. performed an asbestos removal project in the fall of 2002 at one of the exterior parking garages. This project consisted of the hard barrier and tarp isolation at the entire perimeter of the parking garage as well as construction of numerous interior tunnels to be used by hospital personnel. Full containment procedures were utilized to remove 25,000sf. of asbestos containing ceiling plaster, the associated black iron system and spray-on fireproofing from the structural steel, columns and deck.

ACM Corp. was also contracted to replace the fireproofing with non-asbestos containing fireproofing. This Project was completed ahead of schedule and within budget.

Bayshore Community Hospital; Holmdel, New Jersey

Morristown Memorial Hospital; Morristown, New Jersey

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; New York, New York

Somerset Medical Center; Somerset, New Jersey

Valley Hospital

Our Lady of Mercy Hospital

Construction Managers and Contractors

Daniel O’Connell’s Sons, Inc.

Dimeo Construction Company

Gale Construction
~ New York Life

Rockland Hospital Group, Inc.

Turner Construction Company

Whiting Turner Construction Co. Inc.

O & G Industries

Skanska USA Building Company

Fortune 500 and Others

Federated Department Stores
Macy’s Herald Square (New York, New York)

Macy’s, Herald Square is Federated’s largest department store. All work in this store is performed by select contractors who have demonstrated their ability to work in such a high profile location with minimal disruption of the client’s activities.

ACM Corp. is one of the few contractors approved to work at this exclusive location. ACM Corp. has performed many asbestos removal, lead remediation and lead stabilization projects throughout this facitity and continues to display its ability to work in and around occupied areas with minimal disturbance to customers and personnel.

  • Macy’s King’s Plaza Mall (New York, New York)
  • Macy’s (Yonkers, New York)
  • Macy’s (Livingston, New Jersey)
  • Bloomingdales (New York, New York)

Bloomingdales, Inc. (New York, NY)

  • Bloomingdales (1000 3rd Ave, New York, NY)
  • Bloomingdales (155 60th St, New York, NY)
Gilbane Building Co.
Fidelity Investments (Boston, Mass.)

Phase I
This project consisted of the complete interior demolition and removal of asbestos containing materials from the office areas and basement mechanical room in an eleven story office building (60,000sqft. per floor). This project also included the recycling of 660,000sqft. of Armstrong ceiling tiles.

Phase II
This phase consisted of the complete demolition of the building core areas (public restrooms and mechanical rooms and closets at each floor). ACM Corp. also performed all the core drilling and concrete cutting to facilitate the installation of new mechanical, electrical and plumbing chases and constructed the structural infills at the previous locations of these chases.
IBM Corporation
Schering Plough Corp.
W.R.Grace Corp.
Chase Manhattan Bank
United Parcel Service
New Jersey Dept. of Transportation; Cherry Hill, New Jersey
ACM Consulting Corporation has removed the entire curtain wall system from this 171,000sf facility. Fifty percent of the exterior facade was asbestos transite panels which were removed intact from aerial lifts.
Jersey City YMCA; Jersey City, New Jersey
This project involved the complete interior gut and asbestos removal from an eight story occupied residential housing YMCA. ACM Consulting Corporation craned in a 453 Bobcat on each floor to expedite the demolition. ACM Consulting Corporation also performed the entire mechanical demolition of this project which included elevators, chillers, boilers, etc.

Pharmaceuticals / Petro-Chemical Corps

Bristol Myers Products
Block Drug and Companies
IMTT; Bayonne, New Jersey
Witco Chemical; Brooklyn, New York
This project consisted of the complete decommissioning and dismantlement of a 12 acre chemical facility in Brooklyn, NY. ACM Consulting Corporation was constructed to remove all asbestos containing materials throughout the site. ACM Consulting Corporation was able to secure site specific variances.
Purdue Pharmaceuticals; Stamford, Connecticut
ACM Consulting Corporation was contracted by Turner Construction to perform complete interior demolition and asbestos removal of this 12 story, 600,000sf facility. All floors were completed on time and within budget. The asbestos removal of all the interior sheetrock walls, 400,000sf of Armstrong ceiling riles were recycled to Armstrong’s recycling facility.
Ruger Chemical Corp.
ISP Van Dyk
AKZO Nobel Chemical