Fireproofing means making a structure or building resistant to fire or incombustible. Applying the necessary process of fireproofing allows a property to gain a fire-resistance rating.  

Markets where fireproofing is needed:

  • Residential, commercial and industrial construction
  • Marine (ships)
  • Offshore construction
  • Aerodynamics
  • Concrete tunnels, including ceils, walls, and lining
  • Above ground and underground mining operations
fireproofing applications

Fireproofing Applications

  • Structural steel. The temperature must stay below 540 C
  • Electrical circuits. The temperature must be kept below 140 C
  • Liquid petroleum gas containers. Prevent boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion (BLEVE)
  • Pipe bridges and vessel skirts in chemical plants and oil refineries. Steel temperature must be kept below 540 C
  • Concrete lining on tunnels
  • Fireblocking will be applied to wood frame construction. Because fire travels quickly from one area to another, fire blocks are installed internally to divide the spaces into smaller intervals.
  • The firewall construction method separates a building into smaller units. This restricts and delays the quick spread of fire from one area to the next.
  • Fire partitions and fire barriers are similar to firewalls. However, their construction height is limited to one floor to the underneath of the next level.

Steel Fireproofing Methods

As temperatures rise, structural steel loses its strength, therefore to maintain structural integrity during a fire, several fireproofing measures must be taken. There are requirements to follow, such as; restrictions must be made regarding the amount of exposed steel which is set by building codes and steel is to be encased in concrete or brick masonry to delay the exposure to excess heat.

Here are several methods used to fireproof steel beams.

  • Concrete columns to be completely encased
  • Wrapping a thin layer of metal lath and covering it with gypsum plaster
  • Gypsum board applied around the beams
  • Spray applied fire resistance materials (SFRM) can be used
  • Enclosing the beam with sheet metal and filling with insulation
  • Applying liquid water or anti-freeze to hollow columns
  • Cover the beam with rigid concrete
  • Applying plaster to isolate the steel beam
steel fireproofing methods

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