Shot Blasting

Shot Blasting

Shot blasting us used in many industries that use metal such as aerospace, automotive, construction, petroleum and water storage tanks, ships, aircraft carriers, and rail.

The process is commonly used for clean iron, steel, mechanical sheets, coils, rods, wires, preparation of painted surfaces, and shot peening to alter mechanical properties to increase the resistance to fatigue for gears springs and more. 

Shot blasting forcibly makes a change to abrasive materials like steel, through a high-pressure nozzle/gun. It removes non-skid coatings, rust, marine growth, and paint. Therefore, it is used to clean, strengthen, and polish. The method can be done both wet and dry.

shot blasting
shot blasting vs sandblasting

Shot blasting vs Sandblasting

Both shot blasting and sandblasting are used to clean, strengthen, and polish metal, but they work differently to accomplish the end result. Both methods propel air at high velocity via a nozzle or gun.

With sandblasting, compressed air blasts sand. With shot blasting, a throwing wheel turns rapidly with centrifugal force causing steel shots to accelerate toward the surface of the material.

Shot blasting has more efficiency, uses less energy  (one-tenth of sandblasting), and does not generate silicon dust; therefore, it results in less pollution.

Efficient • Safe

At ACM Consulting, we only use the shot blasting method. Sandblasting uses sand/silica sand. Research has linked silica to silicosis, an incurable lung disease caused by inhaling silica dust. 

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shot blasting efficient and safe

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