There are thousands of species of molds, and all require moisture for growth. Mold reproduces by producing a large amount of dark pigmented small spores. They can be spread by air or water. Some mold spores can survive in extreme temperatures. However, temperatures 39 degrees F or below does not allow for growth. The spores will remain alive but become dormant.

Mold can be prevalent in buildings as the fungi colonize in building materials. High amounts of interior mold airborne spores can lead to a variety of health issues. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states humidity levels should be maintained between 30% to 50% to inhibit mold growth. To determine the number of airborne spores, air samples must be taken. If levels are high, mold abatement must be done.

mold inspection

Mold Inspection

Whether to remove mold by yourself or hire a professional depends on the severity of the mold.  If you feel sick or can smell mold, testing and inspection by a professional is always advised. Smell means there is excess mold somewhere. Perhaps you had a plumbing leak or flooding. Elevated mold can be hidden behind the walls and exist in the air. And it does not only happen after a catastrophic event.

A few reasons to inspect for mold are:

  • Think its mold.
  • You are suffering from allergic symptoms.
  • Musty smell.
  • Have had water issues or leaks.
  • You are a buyer or seller of a property.
  • General assessment of indoor air quality.

Mold Abatement Process

Removing mold can be challenging depending on the area where it is. After testing and inspection special practices must be put in place to mitigate the mold. The first step is to reduce the moisture levels that will facilitate the growth. Proper AC units and air filtration systems with HEPA filters will be used while properly removing as well as set in place to stop the occurance of future mold growth. 

ACM Consulting Corp. our team will provide the proper steps during the mold abatement process:

  • Protective equipment is worn during removal.
  • Materais with mold are properly covered and discarded.
  • Building will be completely aired out using the necessary equipment.
  • All surfaces are cleaned with safe and effective cleaners.

ACM Corp. employs microbial remediation supervisors and personnel and has the ability to perform the restoration of mold contaminated structures and their content. ACM Corp. will restore the affected building and contents to a (near) pre-loss condition and re-establish a healthful environment to it’s occupants.

mold abatement process

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Why Choose ACM Corp.

ACM Corp. is a certified mold abatement professional company. We have built a reputation as one of the finest and most highly regarded mold removal contractors in the Northeast region of the United States. ACM Corp. has been working with property owners and clients, placing an emphasis on customer satisfaction and safety, from project inception throughout project closeout.