Lead is a chemical element. In the late 19th century, lead was found to have extremely high toxicity levels. Before 1979 lead was used extensively in construction, plumbing, batteries, bullets, fusible alloys, paint, gasoline, and more. Since recognition, it has slowly been phased out of many applications.

Lead is an extreme hazard to humans. By interfering with the function of biological enzymes lead causes neurological disorders. It damages the nervous system when it can result in behavioral problems and brain damage.

If there is a concern for lead, it is vital to have a lead inspection followed by lead abatement if needed.

lead inspection

Lead Inspection

When there is thought to be lead in on a property, a surface-buy-surface inspection is needed to determine if there is a lead hazard in paint, dust, and soil. These inspections determine if there is the presence of lead, the type, severity, its location, and if there is a potential for lead exposure. 

When you should call for an inspection.

  • The building was built before 1978.
  • A child has been diagnosed with lead poisoning.
  • Purchasing or renting a new building.
  • There is a concern for lead on the property.

Lead Abatement Process

Lead exposure is serious and if found to put people at risk lead abatement becomes necessary.  Lead abatement is the process of eliminating lead and its hazards completely. 

The lead abatement process is strictly regulated and monitored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). When work is to be performed the EPA must be notified at least five days in advance of the start of work except for emergency situations. The EPA requires a certified company to proceed. A complete list including the start and finish date, type of structure, where work is being done, full description, location, and more will be forwarded to the EPA.

During the abatement process, there are many abating building components, and safety considerations that need to be in place, therefore following federal regulations are vital.

Our lead abatement procedure:

  • Services are carried out by certified professionals.
  • Workers wear protective clothing and equipment per NJ State regulations.
  • Protective clothing and equipment will be disposed of safely and securely.
  • The area will be enclosed and encapsulated.
  • The lead paint will be completely removed.
  • Structures will be replaced if necessary.
lead abatement process

ACM Corp. removes and/or stabilizes lead based paints from residential dwellings to structural steel at super structures. ACM’s lead based paint services include abatement planning, supervision, medical surveillance, complete restoration and compliance of documentation.

To learn more about Lead Abatement contact us at ACM Corp, by phone 908-687-1008, by email at info@acmcc.com or fill out our contact form. The team at ACM Corp. is ready to help you with your lead issue the safe and effective way.

Why Choose ACM Corp.

ACM Corp. is a certified lead abatement professional company. We have built a reputation as one of the finest and most highly regarded lead removal contractors in the Northeast region of the United States. ACM Corp. has been working with select owners and clients and places a high emphasis on customer satisfaction and safety, from project inception throughout project closeout.