Asbestos Toxic Fibers

For centuries, asbestos has been present in a wide variety of construction materials and other products. Researchers have found that the asbestos mineral fibers can cause serious health conditions, such as cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis.

Residential, commercial, and industrial buildings built before 1980 are more likely to have asbestos within. These buildings can contain asbestos either in the insulation, plaster, floor, ceiling, roofing shingles, ductwork, adhesives, or furnace along with a host of others.

If the materials that have asbestos are left alone and undisturbed, they are not dangerous. Simply being in a building where the materials have asbestos does not mean immediate danger to ones health. It becomes dangerous as the products age and if the material is moved, renovated or damaged. The asbestos mineral toxic fibers will then be released into the air and inhaled, leaving one susceptible to serious health risks. For this reason, it is essential for a certified asbestos professional to test, inspect, and take the proper action to remove the asbestos mineral properly. This is called asbestos abatement.

asbestos toxic fibers
asbestos inspection

Asbestos Inspection

If you are ready to renovate or if you have existing cracks and crumbling in plaster, walls, ceilings, and other building materials, it is essential to hire a certified professional asbestos inspector to examine the areas for asbestos. At ACM, this is what we do. We will visually inspect, as well as take samples of the material for testing. If we find the presence of asbestos, we will provide you with a detailed written evaluation with the location and amount within the building. We will than make recommendations as to how to get rid of and prevent the asbestos fibers from getting into the air in the future.

Asbestos Abatement Process

Due to the dangers of asbestos exposure, there are strict laws, both at the state and federal level, on how asbestos must be removed and disposed of. The US Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulate how asbestos abatement is to be handled. The complete process must meet the states environmental health’s regulations.

Our process ensures asbestos is handled according to both state and federal laws. With our abatement process, we are committed to protecting all from dangerous asbestos exposure. See what we provide:

  • Written evaluation and contract will be provided explaining the findings, removal procedure, transport and disposal.
  • Area will be completely sealed off and marked hazardous.
  • Air conditioning and heating units will be shut off so as not to spread fibers within the air.
  • Asbestos fibers will be wet down during removal and cleanup to prevent fibers from becoming airborne.
  • When cleaning up all asbestos material will be properly sealed and labeled, as well as clothing and equipment worn by workers.
  • The area will be totally cleaned with wet rags and mops. Regular vacuums can spread the lingering dust, so HEPA vacuums are used.
  • Upon completion, a final report will be provided explaining what was done.
asbestos abatement process

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Why Choose ACM Corp.

ACM Corp. is a certified asbestos abatement professional company who is regarded as one of the finest asbestos removal contractors in the Northeast region of the United States. ACM Corp. has been working with select owners and clients and places an emphasis on customer satisfaction and safety, from project inception throughout project closeout.