Abatement Services



Asbestos was widely used in building materials during the 20th century. In the 1970's researchers found it to be a serious health risk which can lead to several lung conditions. Asbestos must be properly tested. The abatement process must follow strict regulations and processes. Click Here to View Details ›

mold abatement


Mold spores can grow just about anywhere. The spores require moisture to spread . Large quantities of mold spores can present several health risks such as allerigies and respiratory problems. It is essential for mold abatement be done by a licensed, insured and certified professional. Click Here to View Details ›

lead abatement


The first form of lead dates back to 7000-65000 BCE. In the late 19th century lead was found to be toxic. Exposure can cause lead poisoning and neurological disorders such as behavioral problems and brain damage. Due to the potential hazard, lead abatement requires specialized methods. Click Here to View Details ›

broken thermometer


Mercury is a chemical element first found in Egyptian tombs in 1500 BC. Mercury has been found to be extremely toxic, therefore, Mercury abatement must be handled with extreme care. Specific cleaning procedures must be in place to avoid exposure to skin and inhalation. Click Here to View Details ›