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Corporate Resumes:

Christopher J. Frackiewicz

Timothy J. Ryan
Vice President

Anita Smolar
General Manager

Joseph Cvinar

Christopher J. Frackiewicz

Professional Experience

Chris Frackiewicz is the founder of ACM Consulting Corporation. As Chief Executive Officer he is responsible for project and personnel management. To ensure client satisfaction, Mr. Frackiewicz personally manages each project with a “hands-on” approach by coordinating and monitoring the activities of all field personnel. He continually strives to improve the efficiency of all field operations by monitoring job cost and project progress.

He founded ACM Consulting Corporation in 1995 after nine years of serving the environmental remediation industry with highly trained and qualified work crews.
During his years of working in the environmental remediation industry, he is a professional and an expert in the preparation and execution of environmental remediation projects. He has a vast knowledge of regulatory requirements for environmental remediation and through experience has proven his ability to perform this work discreetly and professionally while working in and around sensitive and occupied areas.

In the preparatory phases of a project he communicates with the building owner, occupants, the architect and or engineer, and regulatory agencies. He develops the project design, and prepares the work plan. During the execution phase he is responsible for planning and scheduling. He interacts with the union representative and third party hygienists.

In addition to environmental remediation projects, Mr. Frackiewicz (at the request of his clients) has also proven his ability to perform specialty contracting projects. These projects consist of work which his clients find too labor intensive to perform in-house or too difficult to perform utilizing additional subcontractors. These projects include but are not limited to the following types of work: lintel installation, fire stopping, core drilling and concrete cutting, installation of structural supports, shoring, needle shoring, in filling of openings in slabs, temporary protection and isolation of occupied areas, installation of insulation at mechanical systems and installation of spray-on fireproofing.

Project Highlights

Central Terminal Building, La Guardia Airport, New York, NY – This was a complex project that required the terminal to remain operational and occupied while maintaining a low profile with minimal disruption to the airports daily operations. The responsibility of project design, the detailed phasing of the work schedule and the design of the scaffolding which encompassed the work area was executed through the teamwork comprised of the Asbestos Operations Field Supervisor of the Port Authority of NY & NJ, Shapiro Associates and the Port Authority of NY & NJ Redevelopment Program and Operations. The scope of work entailed interior demolition and the abatement of 128,000 sq ft. of asbestos containing spray-on fireproofing and construction of an elaborate 3 story decontamination unit on the runway giving accessibility to all work areas for a period of 18 months. The reapplication of spray-on fireproofing was also included in the scope of work on this project.

Bankers Trust Building at 280 Park Avenue, NY, NY - The project involved a 50 story hi-rise in which 7 floors were damaged by fire and then flooded. A crew of 150 a laborers where assembled and mobilized within a 4-hour period after the fire department departure. The project involved the protection of surrounding buildings and the floors above and below where the cleanup and abatement was taking place. The project was completed within a six week time-frame with a total of 260 laborers working three shifts per day around the clock.

Connecticut Mutual The Blue Chip Company, Hartford, CT – This was an asbestos abatement project which was performed in the operational heating plant and fan rooms of the facility. The entire building had to remain occupied and operational. Careful planning and execution was critical to the success of the project due to the highly sensitive live computer cables under the floor in which the abatement was being performed.

ITT Hartford Insurance Company, Hartford, CT – This was a multi-phased asbestos abatement project involving the core areas of a 22 story occupied hi-rise building. Each phase consisted of abating four (4) floors per phase with the removal of 17,800 sq ft. of spray-on fireproofing per floor. The project demanded intricate coordination with the building owner and managers, union representatives, and the various trades involved.

American Airlines Central Terminal at La Guardia Airport - An operational facility which involved the removal of 75,000 sq. ft. of asbestos containing material. The entire abatement project was performed utilizing a series of complex tiered scaffolding and the "dance-floor" system which enabled the work to be performed above the operational terminal.

United Airlines Central Terminal at La Guardia Airport - The project consisted of the removal of asbestos containing spray-on fireproofing from the baggage claim area. The six month project duration demanded complex coordination between the Port of Authority of NY & NJ, the FAA, and NYS Department of labor.

Federated Department Stores, NY, NJ – Multiple Projects – Design and execution of many projects in stores undergoing renovations while occupied. These projects demanded intricate coordination with building owners and managers, union representatives and the various trades involved.

Princeton University, Little Hall, Princeton, NJ – Selective demolition and major structural repairs were required on this historic building on the main campus of Princeton University. The work performed on this building included extensive saw cutting and core drilling of concrete, demolition of load bearing walls and installation of the shoring required for stabilization, installation of structural steel, lintel installation and providing all the engineering and design necessary to safely complete these tasks.

Yale University, Linsley Chittenden Hall, School of Drama & Arts, New Haven, CT – This project required the removal of 500 tons of asbestos containing material and debris. Exceptional care was required on this project to protect original Tiffany stained glass windows which had an estimated value of eight million dollars, and to salvage a majority of the historic trim, moldings, wainscoting, doors and frames throughout this historic building.

Mr. Frackiewicz graduated in 1987 and holds a M. S. in Mechanical Engineering.