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Princeton University Page 1
~ Little Hall
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Princeton University
~ Little Hall
Little Hall is a historic dormitory building on the campus of Princeton University. ACM Corp. was contracted to performvery selective demolition throughout this entire facility. Thisproject included major structural demolition of load bearing walls which required engineering and design of structural components to support and shore them during construction.This work included the installation of over 140 structural lintels (some of these in excess of twenty feet long).

ACM Corp. performed extensive sawcutting and demolition to create new entryways in the bluestone foundation walls
which were in average 42” thick.

ACM Corp. was also responsible for the structural design and installation for of the structural supports of the existing chimney (8’X6’X20’ high) which was to remain above the roof line for it’s historic and aesthetic features. These supports consisted of two masonry columns which extended from the basement up three floors to the underside of this chimney at the roof. This portion of the work required exterior stabilization via the use of heavy guage wire secured to “dead men”. This also required core drilling and “dry packing” twelve structural members to support and facilitate the stabilization of this chimney.